The Main Saloon offers passengers a climate controlled area where passengers can relax in comfort surrounded by nautical furnishings and access to the galley directly. We have striven to create an opulent environment with a distinctly 1920s nautical theme; bronze portlights in teak light boxes to give the feel of a genuine period passenger ship within the Main Saloon.

The unique feature of the dining saloon is the line of tall ‘bar counter’ style dark Wenge blockboard tables – portside. Seating by way of tall bar stools allow passengers dine conveniently after getting food at the buffet. Alternatively, whilst alongside, un-reserved ‘walk in’ guests can be given a seat in any group number where they will dine close to strangers.... a unique experience which usually results in new acquaintances being made!

Seating in the Main Saloon is a mix booth style fixed couches with fixed solid teak tables and fitted couches with removable teak tables and seating.

We have chosen this arrangement to offer staff a flexible interior to cater for lunchtime dining, tour cruises and the demands of private charter functions.

The booth style fixed couches seat up to six passengers, ideal for small parties and families. Richly upholstered and buttoned in crushed red textile the seating will surround a solid teak table with a ships lantern on each table. The bronze portlights are positioned to align with the seating offering passengers a view to the passing city outside. The portlights can also be opened by the passengers and are recessed in teak light boxes. We have found neat curtains can give a very warm feeling within the light boxes.

Additional seating will be provided forward and aft Starbodard in the form of upholstered fitted couches and a quantity of loose timber seating. Custom-built removable drop-leaf teak tables can be moved according to requirements and each table will have a brass ships lamp.

The Service counter will double as a food preparation area though catering for functions would be done ashore. We have allocated space for a dishwasher, oven, toaster, microwave and plenty of refrigerated stowage. We present a food preparation counter and an assortment of beer taps and a wine cooler. There should be sufficient space for three staff.

As per Department of Marine requirements we provide an additional emergency escape forward to starboard; this petite stairway leading to deck on the starboard side forward. Two teak doors open out onto deck. Apart from being a necessary escape hatch it serves as a means for passengers to travel freely from the dining saloon to the promenade deck above at any time of operation, weather permitting.

Main Saloon decking is in solid oak planking with brass inlay where hatches are required for access to the bilge below. The circumference of the decking will feature a six inch teak trim for effect. We have chosen oak for its resilience to the modern ladies fashion of pin point high heel shoes.

Overhead, two generous hatches illuminate the saloon and double as ventilation hatches. These traditional ships ‘butterfly’ hatches are fabricated from Burmese Teak with brass fall bars over the double glazed glass apertures. An elegant brass winding mechanism allows the hatches to be opened and shut easily.


The MV Ayesha wheelhouse will be a wonderful bright space with four doors leading out onto the promenade deck. We have found from experiance, that passengers enjoy interacting with the captain and witnessing firsthand the operation of the ship. Due to the slow operating speeds this has never endangered the vessel and has been the highlight of many passages.

The wheelhouse is a striking feature on MV Ayesha and allows a fine view of the canal and its operation during cruises. Fully climate controlled, passengers can sit or stand in comfort about the bar counter and relax as the urban environment passes them by outside.

The bar service counter will allow refridgerated stowage for snacks, teas, coffees and other refreshments. Buffet meals may be served from here too. This will be a permanantly manned service station. When the ship is alongside, the manager will welcome visitors aboard at this point..

The interior design will be very tradional also minimalist. Decking in solid hard white oak with Wenge inserts. The deckhead will be elegantly curved and laid in white tongue & groove timbers.

The wheelhouse roof will also boast two generous shipping hatches which will double as additional light and ventilation hatches, weather permitting.

Keeping in mind the neccessity for low lighting levels for cruises lighting will be predominately low level bulkhead flush fittings. Feature lighting will be by way of elegant bronze ships bulkhead lamps and several faux ships oil lamps secured to the table tops and bar counter. The bar counter will encorporate its own traditional lighting arrangement. Flush mounted halogen lighting in the deckhead will provide bright illumination when required..

Passengers will also be invited to dine in the wheelhouse area. Looking forward of the wheelhouse one can see through balustradfes, down the elegant dark Wenge grand staircase directly into the dining space below decks, unimpeded to the very front of the vessel. The view of the rolex replica sale cascading over the lock gate as the vessel sails into a lock is breathtaking, unlikely to be viewed by many passengers before!

Aft of the Wheelhouse is a more modest staircase leading to the heads (toilets).

The wheelhouse, as the name suggests is where the captain controls the vessel. The steering wheel will be a grand feature located port side forward and somewhat protected by the balustrade of the grand staircase.


As dictated by the Department of health, the vessel requires three toilets, a ladies, a gents and a staff toilet. We have provided an additional urinal, the staff toilet being provided in the crews quarters. The toilets will be laid out in polished stainless steel with architectural lighting and chromium portholes. The doors will be plated in colored chequerplate. Perforated stainless and colored plate will feature throughout.


Encompassing the MV Ayesha is a generous deck area with 1 meter timber topped hand railings.

Experiance has shown us that passengers favourite place to be is outside, watching the world go by sometimes regardless of the weather!

Passengers can stroll around the deck or sit on timber seating secured to the dining saloon deckhead. Our deck gives a relaxed sense of sophistication as passengers can relax with a refreshment (or cigarette) outdoors afloat and mobile!


Located in the space between the wheelhouse deck and the keel the engine room can be accessed by raising one of the timber surfaced steel hatches in the wheelhouse deck.

The engine room accommodates the propulsion motor, the generator, two black water holding tanks, two fresh water tanks, the refrigeration plant and the keel cooling tanks.

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Abbey Bridge Harbour View Corner Lock 4
View back of harbour    
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