Although registered to Arthur Guinness & Sons in the Irish ships register S.S.Killiney's owners (past and present) are North stone (previously Scotts) of Toombe Bridge, Bally Ginnis, on the west shores of Lough Neagh, close to where she lies today; purposely beached in 1976. This was done as a more economical, if less environmentally sound, method of scrapping such vessels in that day. So that she would not become adrift, she was filled with stone and rock until she foundered (some of her sisters had holes cut in their hulls).

She is now lying, inclined by the head, in two meters of water with her bow immersed and her stern protruding by 80cms. The survey was carried out as is and as much information as possible was gathered during the survey without disturbing the ship.

The vessel was found to be largely intact with many of her distinguishing features still evident and in restorable condition, items such as her unique steering controls, the boom crutches, the aft deck, mooring bits, the riveted machine room and her classic bow and fore peak. She has retained an even keel and her lines are still true. Although some of her original timber decking survives it is not salvageable but will give an accurate impression on the style of decking for restoration purposes. Limited examination of the hull plating indicated sufficient thickness for recovery and delivery purposes although much re-plating will be required in areas such as the turn of the bilge to bring the ship up to Department of Marine passenger ship standards.

Deck comings and stringers were found to be in a sound condition but deterioration in some places is beyond acceptable limits. From what could be seen, her hull framing is in similar condition but it too, is expected that there is sufficient thickness for rolex replica sale and delivery purposes.

It is possible that there will be a considerable amount of steel requiring replacement during her restoration, but that there is sufficient strength remaining in her framing so that restoration work should not interfere with her unique lines. Much of the riveted plating above the wind and water line could be retained and features such as her special steering controls will be restored. Only a full -out of water- ultrasonic thickness survey after recovery, will ascertain the exact condition of the ship and hence the extent of re-plating etc.


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Looking aft, into the engine room, showing rock used to scuttle S.S. Killiney View aft, showing the deck head of the crews quarters (the hole midships was the View forward, showing the ships engine room filled to the gunnels with rock, the hold
Aft Port section of S.S. Killiney showing her overhanging stern, still true, and the after Port side deck showing remains of the coal scuttle deck fitting Aft starboard section of S.S. Killiney, clearly showing the original accommodation
The patented steering mechanism on the after deck, in restorable condition. Also S.S. Killiney lying in 2M of water at Toombe Bridge, Stern section  
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